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Can NMN Cause Depression?

Posted on : 14-08-2021 | By : loopers jaret | In : Uncategorized



As shown in the National Institute of Mental Health, 16.2 million people in the US experienced a big depressive episode in 2016. Even though most people take antidepressants as prescribed by the doctors, many people do not get cured by the early treatment and around 15 to 40% people don’t respond after a few treatments. So, what should be the other alternative for treating depression? Is it possible that the pure NMN molecule is able to help in this regard?

NMN and mice

A group of scientists from the Zhejiang University of Technology put forth a study which explained the effects of NMN on improving the depressive symptoms in mice. The scientists discovered that the injections of nicotinamide mononucleotide boosted the percentage of NAD+. This molecule is critical for energy production and if it is increased alongside NMN, energy metabolism is further boosted.

NMN reduces depressive behaviour in already depressed mice 

To observe the connection between depression and NMN, the scientists induced depression by administering mice with a stress hormone called corticosterone. After 4 weeks of inducing this stress hormone, the scientists started to give NMN through injections for a period of 2 weeks.

When the scientists analysed the behaviour abilities of these mice, they discovered that the mice administered with NMN showed less depressive episodes as compared to the ones who were untreated. In order to judge depression, they utilized a procedure known as a “forced swim test.” In this test, mice naturally swim and it will allow them to quantify the duration of swimming. Healthy mice usually stay afloat, swim and not give up. On the other hand, depressed mice easily give up swimming quite early.

Researchers then concluded that mice who gained NMN along with corticosterone used to swim for longer periods in order to keep on surviving in the tank but the mice who were given corticosterone did not swim for long. Therefore, NMN is capable of diminishing depressive episodes in mice.

Further steps to study depression and NMN

According to scientists of the Zhejiang University, their test was small scale which is a limitation of this research. They are looking to test sample sizes and continuous trials to analyse the mechanism of NMN in depressive episodes in the future. Moreover, only one dosage of nicotinamide mononucleotide was utilized in this trial which means it is critical to study a larger NMN treatment procedure.











































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